The quote database has been cleared out and archived. Some of it wasn't all that super great anyway.

You've found the Bobchannel Quote Database, formerly for IRC, now for Discord.

There isn't really any format defined yet, but I think Username: funny thing is good. Username should be on every line, for clarity.

Depending on if you like or dislike a quote, there are links that are + and - signs that you can click to promote or demote a quote.
If you think a quote has slipped by our moderators and isn't appropriate for this website, you can always click the [X] link near it.
This especially includes anything racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, etc. Being shitty to other people is not funny and just sucks.
Exceptions: fascists are always ripe for dunking on, so long as it doesn't happen even remotely upon the basis of the above.

Note: This doesn't automatically make the quote disappear or get hidden from the database. It will need to be manually checked and deleted by someone.

If all else fails you can always pester Bob or someone else on staff inside the Discord server.

Here's a link to the main Bobchannel Website Apparatus just for navigational completeness purposes.

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